Wreckfest Recieves Epic Tournament Update

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Wreckfest has just received an epic update which includes a tournament mode. The update is available free of charge and comes with a ton of new content. Not only that, but the developers have also promised further content coming in the following months.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges have been introduced as a part of this update. Each with its own rewards tier. The good news is that none of the challenges take more than 5-10 minutes each. Off the back of completing these challenges, you will also increase your fame. This entitles you to exclusive loot like vehicles, skins, and cosmetic items.

Tournament Mode

Within the new update, you get Tournament Mode. This will bring you four new race modes.

  • Rumble Race – Run of the mill racing event on a track
  • Score Streak – Derby mode, Cause damage for the ultimate score
  • Rampage Rush Derby – Wreck as many cars as possible in a Derby
  • Rampage Rush Race – Wreck as many cars as possible in a race

Check out the trailer below for the latest Wreckfest update and keep your eye out for the next game mode updates

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