Valkyria Chronicles 4 PC Review – Tactical Anime War Bliss!

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Valkyria Chronicles 4, developed and published by SEGA is the latest release in an amazing line of tactical action RPG games. Easily combining leveling up and grinding with tactics and third-person control of each unit, SEGA makes sure you have complete control over every aspect of your little unit. Find out why I am so in love with this game and more by reading my review below. DO IT!


Valkyria Chronicles 4 is amazing. I am gonna just say that flat out. Available on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, I am reviewing this game for Pc.

You are Commander Claude Wallace and together with a group of friends and an amazing cast of other soldiers with you, you take control of every squad member you assign. There is a massive amount of customization here. Each soldier has their own personal quirks and both buffs and debuffs. From who they like being around which adds in-game dialogue, to a character being unable to focus near tanks.  In game you select the unit you want to move and then control it like a third person shooter. You have a set amount of area you can move and each soldier also has a specific class. From the anti-tank Lancers to the recon infantry, each class has different weapons and how far they move and knowing how to set up good defense and offense is the main purpose of each map. You do not see the enemy unless you actually have someone with sights on them. There are upgrades for each unit as you progress as well as parts to add to your main tank. Weather, terrain, all of it comes into effect while you are playing.

The gangs all here!

The story is also perfectly done. You navigate what mission you want to do or what in-game story video to watch through Claude’s Journal. Aside from the main story, certain units have background stories to unlock that give you special missions or can change a debuff into a buff. Also, there are exhibitions missions that don’t affect the story but allow you to level up your units (which you do as a whole and not as an individual i.e. level up all scout or lancer units). If you’re like me and need to be overpowered every mission this allows you to do that.

So many targets, who to blow up first.


As someone that loves anime, the graphics hit the spot for me. It is very anime/cartoony. When you shoot an enemy it shows a flash and they disappear like every good JRPG. However, the graphics match the tone. You still get the serious moments with super expressive soldiers whether they are pinned down or dying. In-game movies and events are the same graphics as actual gameplay which for me helps me stay immersed in the actual gameplay. Also, did I mention the anime graphics?…good!


Valkyria Chronicles 4 has so many great things with just the audio. There is consistent music playing that isn’t overpowering but is mood setting. However, the audio really plays well while you are actually playing a mission. As I mentioned earlier each unit has characters they like and dislike. When they are near each other dialogue will pop up and sometimes you can get assistance from them in taking down another unit.  Also, there is constant radio chatter in the background from both your side and the enemy.  If you discover an enemy it is announced and if you destroy or kill another enemy they announce it outloud. For me, just the small details of it add quite a bit of fun and immersion into an already great game.

Hit them with that gra-ta-ta


With a steady stream of DLC released and being able to continue the game after you have beat the main story, there will always be something to do. Valkyria Chronicles 4  gives you ranks at the end of each mission, so if you’re as competitive as me you will go back and try to do better with newer troops and abilities. As far as longevity goes you will be at this game for a while. Between the length of missions and grinding for levels and better gear, this game has quite a long shelf life.


Fantastic, in-depth, great attention to details, and hidden gems makes Valkyria Chronicles 4 incredible. It is something I look forward to playing well beyond the release of this review. It doesn’t happen very often but I could not wait to keep playing. With that being said I proudly award Valkyria Chronicles 4 the Thumb Culture Platinum Award!


Disclaimer: we received a game code to carry out this review.


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