Valheim Update 1: Hearth & Home

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Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studios have shared a recent update on how Valheim Update 1: Hearth & Home is coming along in the form of a monthly Steam post. Revealing what the team has been working on behind closed doors.

Valheim‘s first update Hearth and Home is still on track to launch this quarter. With the Iron Gate team finishing their break they’re back hard at work with Hearth and Home. Adding new furnishings and garnishings for you to enjoy in the near future.

Piles of gold

As for what new content you can expect, it’s all about money, money, money. With new ways to store your coins in the form of neat stacks, and treasure chests for all other loot. These can also be locked away behind larger iron gates. Iron Gate has also been busy adding cooking elements to Valheim. With the goal of ever-evolving the game, this will certainly help capture that survival aspect.

Keep that wealth secure

Iron Gate has also been busy adding new staff to the team. Below is what they have said on the matter.

Iron Gate’s three new recruits – an animator, a programmer and a QA manager – will be introduced to the community in the coming weeks!


This all sounds very exciting. Are you interested in the new update? Have you been playing Valheim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We will leave a short trailer for you as always.

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