Typoman Revised – PS4 Review

So I recently got the opportunity to play and enjoy Typoman Revised, and boy did it not dissapoint, from the graphics to the gameplay it was an absolute delight to play.

Well not really! So lets start at the begining, Typoman Revised is developed and published by Brainseed Factory, an independant games company from Germany and is available on the Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Wii U and PS4 (reviewed)

Typoman is a puzzle platformer, which see’s you trying to beat each screen by using words to solve puzzles ranging from simple to damn hard. Now i struggle with word puzzles, give me numbers any day of the week, but words are a different kettle of fish for me. You play as the HERO (with the letters making up your body) and you are thrown into this dark and dreary Limbo-esque world where monsters are around every corner just waiting to come out to play.


Your only power is the ability to alter letters, that’s pretty all you have at your disposal, aside from running away. Confused? let me explain. Ok, so for instance, there are a few sections of the game where gas clouds prevent you from running through the section, however with each gas cloud is the word GAS, Just in case you were confused by what it was. At the start of the area is the letter P, now pick up that P and place it at the end of the GAS and you get GASP, your HERO takes a large breath and is ready for another run through. Or, another example; see a switch for something? NO? well turn that NO around and form ON to power the switch allowing you to progress. It’s these puzzles that give Typoman its charm and appeal.

The platform elements of the game are standard fayre, jump up onto ledges, climb ladders, towards the end you are tasked with timing your movements to avoid electricity bolts as well as jumping off of platforms that start to fall as soon as you step on them. There is nothing out of the ordinary in that aspect of the game, and it actually is quite enjoyable to have a few easy sections to work through after completing a particularly difficult word puzzle. The game is set across four chapters, each one with a different environment for you to find your way through, from old graveyards to industrial areas. As you progress through the levels find glowing white speech marks which reveal a part of the story and a few lines of text for you to read, the themes are dark and try to give some narration as to your characters plight. The games soundtrack created by Sonic Picnic helps to give an ambience to alert you of any dangers, and also let you relax when you come into a calming area.

Now the puzzles themselves, whilst the majority of them are straight forward with a simple solution there are often areas where a letter generator comes into play and this is where you may or may not, depending on how good your wordsmithery is, spend a lot of time head scratching, I have an even bigger balding area now after the incessant head scratching trying to figure out some of the more tricky words. Some puzzles saw me spend upwards of 20 minutes trying to work out the words, one particular section saw me needing to create a few words at the same time, however with a limited area to lay out these words it became cramped and in some instances the words started joining each other. This causes problems when you are trying to protect yourself from a dropping platform and that RISE word becomes ONRISE which obviously isn’t a real word.


Typoman does a great job of immersing you into this HERO’s story and with the text narration giving you an idea of his/or her ongoing battle with the darkness the game is a fantastic foray into Brainseed Factory’s inner mind. Overall the game took around 4 hours to complete, and whilst isn’t the longest game that I have played, it certainly offered a large challenge to finish. The two mini-games that you unlock at the end are nothing to write home about and personally I dont think you will spend a lot of time keeping the game on your hard drive once completed.

Typoman Revised gets a Silver Award


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