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Rolling onto the scene (and possibly into your gaming setup) with comfort and style, Trust brings two very affordable and stylish gaming chairs; the GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair and the GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair. The Ruya boasts neck support for prolonged gaming sessions, while the Riye offers adjustability to suit a variety of heights and sizes.

This image show two Riye chair models next to each other on the left, one white and one red. On the right is two Ruya chair Models, one in a dark blue and one in black.

Setup & Posture Friendly

Whether comfort or style is your goal, Trust gives you the option. The GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair is all about comfort, with adjustable, removable lumbar support and cushions and more for £199.99. For a chair slightly more budget-friendly and style-focused, the GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair with an additional colour option at £129.99. Both are available for purchase right now on Very.

GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair

The GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair in red in the forefront of a white background.

Trust’s GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair is equally comfortable and sustainable. Built to last, the Ruya model has a class 4 gas lift tested up to 150kg and (for the greener gamer) has a sturdy wooden frame made of sustainable and sturdy *FSC®-certified wood.*

The GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair features

a fully adjustable height, backrest, 3D armrests and a tilt-lock feature, alongside removable lumbar and neck cushions. Additionally, the backrest has a high-density foam and moulded foam seat, all encased in durable PU leather and breathable fabric. All-nighters just got comfier without having to compromise your posture! Available right now in Red or Black.


GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair

The GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair in black in the forefront of a white background. The GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair in white in the forefront of a white background.

Focusing more on sleek design and a bit more budget-friendly is the GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair. Like the Ruya model, this model features adjustable height, PU leather and breathable fabric, and a class 4 gas lift. However, the Riye model has padded armrests that flip up. This chair, in its variety of colours, is perfect for the discerning and stylish gamer and possibly any growing youngsters to match their setup. Available in White, Red and Black.

Some Very Trusty Chairs

Both chairs bring valuable qualities to the table, offering gamers of all ages something that will appeal to all. Which one of Trust’s chairs tickles your fancy? Do you have one of these chairs already, and if so, what are your thoughts? Let us know at Thumb Culture how you feel about the GXT 714 Ruya and GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair.

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