Toy Trains VR Out Now!

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Toy Trains VR has been released on January 16, 2024 on Steam, the Playstation Store, and the Meta App Lab. It is developed and published by Something Random.

Trains Trains and Trainomobiles

Something Random is a Polish VR development studio, made up of creators from the game SUPERHOT. Their aim as a studio is to create what they call “true VR games”. To them this means blending high quality story, gameplay and graphics in a VR environment. They want to create innovative ways to use the medium of VR in the gaming space.

Screen cap from Toy Trains VR gameplay. Text in a speech bubble from a character in a hot air balloon reads - "good job! It looks amazing!"There is a train on a track that crosses over a body of water. There are some other characters in the environment, and a rubber duck in the water.
This looks really comfy!

The game wants to create a modernized but nostalgic experience of sitting on your living room floor on a lazy Sunday afternoon, getting lost in creating a beautiful interconnected world. There are some puzzle elements, but the main theme of the game is of relaxation and comfort. It wants to engage you in its story, and pull you into its world.

Unfortunately there are no current plans to make the game for non-VR platforms.

Thumb Culture’s review of the game is coming soon!

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