Ducky and Bethesda Release Doom Themed Keyboard

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It’s been a long-running meme that gamers will try to get DOOM, id Software’s seminal 1993 video game, playable on every piece of hardware possible. But what hardware are you using to run in DOOM? I’d hazard a guess that it’s nowhere near as cool as the new Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 SF. If you’re a fan of the franchise, prepare your wallet and feast your eyes on this beautiful bit of kit.

Any Commander Would Be Keen On This Keyboard

Once you’ve taken a look at the Ducky DOOM keyboard below, why not have a read of Tony’s interview with Mr John Romero, creator of DOOM.

A close-up view of the back of the keyboard showing a golden-coloured, metal plaque embedded into the plastic case. The plaque details information about the keyboard including the number of the keyboard out of the 666 that were manufactured.
A plaque on the back of the keyboard will tell you how close you got to #1 or #666.

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs… And Fingers

World renowned keyboard manufacturer Ducky have joined forces with gaming behemoth Bethesda to bring gamers the Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 SF. This limited edition keyboard is equipped with PBT DyeSublimation keycaps, a TypeC detachable cable, an NKey Rollover design, RGB lighting effects, and hotswappable sockets. The biggest feature though has to be the visual design of both the small form factor case and, of course, the keycaps, which feature a mural-like depiction of Doomguy battling through Hell. The key legends are printed on the front facing side of the keycaps as not to impose on the artwork, making this a very suitable centre piece for any DOOM fan’s desk.

A top-down picture of the keyboard showcasing it's unique keycap design which features a scene of DOOM's player character, known by players as Doomguy, fighting demons.
Doomguy vs the hoards of Hell

“We are thrilled to be working with Bethesda to bring the visceral, heartpounding action of DOOM
to your fingertips,” – Ducky marketing director.

Each of the keyboard versions, ANSI and ISO, are limited to 666 pieces. The back of the board features a plaque to confirm its number in the limited series. The ISO version is available now in the UK via Overclockers. There’s a choice of Cherry switches (Silent Red, Red, Brown, Blue) while stocks last. Don’t let the cacodemons beat you to it!

A picture of the keyboard laid in front of it's box, powered up and with it's LED lights lit up red.
Looks especially nice lit up in red.

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