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You may or may not know that NACON is the parent of the RIG audio brand, which recently released its latest headset, the RIG 600 Pro. We absolutely love all things audio here at Thumb Culture so we were elated when NACON sent us the HX Variant to review.

Which Variant Are You?

Let’s dive into the headset, go through some of the features and give you an idea of how it performs. Let’s Go!


The NACON RIG 600 Pro comes in 2 variants, the HX that we are reviewing here, and the HS. The X variant is designed for Xbox, and the S is designed with the PlayStation in mind. Don’t fret, each variant also works with the Nintendo Switch, PC as well as mobile devices.

A little hack here, but I did manage to get the X variant to work with the PS5 using the included USB C adapter. So if you have all of the consoles, I don’t think you need to worry about buying two pairs of the RIG 600 Pro.

a person in white tee twisting the headset band to show how durable is it
Bend it, twist it, pull it!

The headset itself is quite a pretty headset. It’s made of solid plastic that feels sturdy when twisted and manhandled. It has the typical cutout design that many of the other RIG headsets have. Giving the headset a sort of exoskeleton look.

The ear cups are made from a beautiful breathable fabric, allowing for long sessions without getting the dreaded hot ear! On the ear cups, there are a bunch of buttons, the Bluetooth button, and power button, as well as a volume rocker and the USB C port for charging the headset. There is also a neat little hideable microphone that disappears into the ear cup housing when not being used. This also mutes the microphone.

In terms of comfort, I used the headset for elongated periods, and not once did I find the headset too tight for my head. It was almost as comfortable as my £300+ Arctis headset.


The NACON RIG 600 Pro comes feature packed! Bringing a pair of 40mm speakers, capable of a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The audio drivers in the headset are finely tuned to give you the best audio performance they can!

The battery life is incredible as well, with the headset lasting for up to 24 hours when connected via Bluetooth, or around 18 hours when using the USB C wireless adapter. So either way you choose to connect you will have plenty of life for those long gaming sessions.

the rig headset in front of both a series s and a series x console
Total Connection

One of the most astounding features is the weight, or lack of weight in this headset. Weighing in at 240g, the RIG 600 Pro is just slightly heavier than a hamster, or 5 Pop Tarts. Whatever method you choose to weigh things in your house, the RIG 600 Pro are light!

The headset having dual-mode wireless tech, means you can connect two devices at once. As long as one is Bluetooth and the other is using the USB C Adapter that is. However, this doesn’t mean that you can listen to both at the same time, instead being able to quickly switch between devices. For example, you could have your phone connected and your console, so when you get a phone call you can quickly switch to your phone connection and then take the call. Seamless!

If you want to tweak the audio profile of the RIG 600 Pro then you can connect your mobile device and download the companion app. In the app you can adjust the EQ as well as increase both the microphones volume and monitoring. Don’t forget those all important firmware updates to ensure you have the latest update installed.


Potentially the most important section of the NACON RIG 600 Pro review, just how do they sound. Every time I get a new headset to review I go straight to my music subscription, and I search for the Jurassic Park Theme by John Williams. That and Duel of the Fates give a great indication of what a headset can handle, and boy oh boy the 600 handled the first test incredibly well! Each individual instrument stood out from one another and gave a great sense of the enormity of the score.

the rig headset on a flat surface, a hand holding a mobile phone showing the RIG companion app giving the options to tweak the sound settings on the equaliser.
Tweak it!

Once the first test was out of the way it was time to just play some games. Call of Duty to hear the loud explosions, EA Sports FC to head the crowd chants, as well as other games. I generally try and play a number of different games, from racing to RPG just to get an idea of where the headset excels. I have to say it was a pretty good performer across the board and one that quickly cemented itself into my setup. Whilst it may not replace my day to day headset for use on the PC, the NACON RIG 600 Pro sits proud of place on the living room entertainment centre for those console gaming nights when playing through the main speakers isn’t an option.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a high-quality headset that comes in at less than £100 then you cant go wrong with the NACON RIG 600 Pro! With its stylish design, great performance, and brilliant compatibility, it is an incredible piece of audio hardware.

The NACON RIG 600 Pro headset receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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