Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Announces Limited Time Event

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On Tuesday Ubisoft announced a new limited-time event for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige Year 5 Season 1. This event brings an all-new game mode in a historic British version of the old Hereford map: The Stolen Goods.

The event is live now and will run until the 18th of May. Inspired by the British mods of the 20’s this will be an eventful 5v5. Most Operators will be unlocked to play in this event, with a few exceptions due to gameplay specificities: Glaz, Nomad, Buck, Montagne, Blitz, Caveira, Kali, Clash, Blackbeard, Lion, IQ, Tachanka, Recruit, Twitch, and Mozzie won’t be available. Each Operator will only have the main shotgun equipped – customized with the event’s weapon skins as found in The Grand Larceny Collection and the Roaring Riches Bundle.

The Stolen Goods game mode is different from the standard ones. No hostage, no area to secure, no bombs to defuse. No preparation phase, no attacker’s drone. However, there are Safeboxes spread throughout the map. Defenders must protect these at all costs, but they can also win rounds by eliminating all their opponents. Attackers, on the other hand, must open a certain amount of Safeboxes, or eliminate all the Defenders. Players will be informed where the Safeboxes are located, alongside adjustments to flooring that will remove select metal beams after destruction, allowing players to be even more creative with their shotguns. You must be prepared for an amount of destruction never seen before!

This will also introduce 31 new items featuring a ton of customisation exclusives, including awesome Century-old stylings. Keep an eye out for these exclusives and do not miss out!

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