The Xbox Podcast – The Exclusive Question Answered

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After months of leaks, rumors, and speculation about the future of the Xbox brand and specifically Xbox exclusive games, we finally have (sort of) an answer thanks to the recently posted, special edition of the Xbox podcast.

Is Xbox as a console dead? Is every single Xbox game coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch? Well…no.

Attended by Phil Spencer, Matt Booty, and Sarah Bond, The Twenty-Two-minute podcast began with Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, ripping the band-aid off and giving it to us straight. Four previously Xbox and PC exclusive games are coming to other systems, the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. No confirmation on any Ouya versions yet, sorry Ouya fans.

So…what games ARE they?

Phil didn’t specifically mention any titles of games, leaving the reveals up to the creators, but described them as such.
Two of the games are community-based live service games, and two are smaller indie titles. The first of the live service games is speculated to be the multiplayer pirating game Sea Of Thieves, with the second rumored to be Grounded, the 2022 released multiplayer survival game.

The cover art for grounded and sea of thieves next to eachother, grounded showing 4 kids standing on a leaf, showing they shrunk. Sea of thieves being a skull with pirate ships representing the eyes.
Grounded & Sea Of Thieves

It is worth it to note that cross-progression and cross-save were noted as big focuses of Xbox. If either of these rumors comes true, expecting these features wouldn’t be too far out of the question.

The two single-player indie titles are rumored to be the shadow-dropped action-rhythm game, Hi-Fi Rush, as well as 16th century-inspired RPG, Pentiment.

The cover arts for hi-fi rush and pentiment. Both showing their titles and characters in the games.
Hi-Fi Rush & Pentiment

Phil Spencer made sure to specify that these games are, for now at least, the only games coming to other consoles. The plan is to see how reception goes down with the players and fans. He also mentioned that Indiana Jones and Starfield, are not arriving on other platforms, that is not currently in their plans, but nothing is out of the question.

The Exclusives Question, Semi-Answered

So that was everything new we learned about the future of Xbox exclusives during the Official Xbox Podcast! In a surprise announcement, Diablo 4 was revealed to be joining Xbox Game Pass on March 28th. This being the first of the Activision-Blizzard games to join the service. The next generation console was also dropped mention, being teased as the “largest technical leap ever.”

Diablo 4 cover art showing the main antagonist, lillith, stood centered with a red background.
Diablo 4

Are you happy with the announcement of 4 exclusives coming to other platforms? Are you an Xbox player who feels wronged by Xbox? Or are you one of the many Ouya fans disappointed the system didn’t get a mention? Let us know!

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