Terra Invicta Delayed Until Q2 2022

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Developed by Pavonis Interactive and published by Hooded Horse Terra Invicta is a title that will appeal to many strategy title fans. Those familiar with XCOM will recognise the name Pavonis Interactive as the makers of the XCOM Long War mods.

“we’re giving it a couple of extra months to polish and balance”

We have been advised that Terra Invicta is coming along nicely and is looking great. However, Pavonis Interactive are wanting to polish and balance out the game mechanics to ensure the delivery of an epic strategy title.

As always it’s great to see the smaller studios delay titles they are proud of to ensure the end-users have a great experience. It makes that launch day a little more special knowing how much extra work has gone into a title.

Delay Announcement

You can check out the full delay announcement in the below video and as always let us know in the comments below if this I on your Steam Wishlist!

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