Survival Adventure Aquamarine to Launch on January 20th

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Survival Adventure Aquamarine to Launch on January 20th. Moebial Studios have announced the release date for their upcoming peaceful adventure game Aquamarine.

An Ocean Of Possibilities

Aquamarine offers you an all-new type of survival game that relies on perception and discovery set in an alien ocean. You get to explore a world overrun by nature and have to fight to survive while trying to find a way home in a unique alien world.

Aquamarine brings serenity to the survival adventure genre by using turn-based exploration mechanics and adds in unique features inspired by psychedelic sci-fi of the 70s and 80s. Aquamarine combines the mystery of classic adventures and open-end survival mechanics with elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategy.

Just some of the key features that you can expect in Aquamarine are

The chance to study and explore a trio of living ecosystems that will require careful study and clever interactions.

Grow food and craft new tools and tech by using materials with unique attributes.

Uncover the truth of why you’re here and how to get home again.

Survival Adventure Aquamarine to Launch on January 20th.

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