Super Rare Mixtape Volume 1 Coming Next Week!

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Super Rare Games has announced a new and extremely limited physical collection of games. The Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1 will be releasing next week on August 19th, 6 pm BST. We have also been informed that there is an extremely limited release of this as there will only be 1,000 made. It’ll cost a rather low price of £28 plus shipping.

If this proves to be a popular release, Super Rare Games has announced they may “make many more volumes in the future”.

So what is this “Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1“? It is a USB stick which is inside of a “cassette tape”. Some of you may not know what a cassette tape is, well, they’re now even rarer than some of Super Rare Games limited physical media. We oldies used to use these to listen to music inside of a giant “boom box”. The collection will contain 30 games and also 6 demos.

Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1
Isn’t it beautiful?

This collection of games contains some absolute crackers from up-and-coming indie developers. Check out the game montage trailer below to see what to expect in this collection.

Volume 1 of the mixtape will come in a gorgeous slimline collectors box, which is “designed to fit in with your game collection”.

We also have a montage interview trailer which was kindly provided by Super Rare Games. The interview has Ryan Brown, head of saying stuff at Super Rare Games telling us a lot more about Mixtape Volume 1. PS, that’s an amazing job title. I love it.

If you’re a bit strapped for time, check out the announcement trailer for the Super Rare Mixtape Volume 1 below. Let us know in the comments if you’re looking to buy one of these!

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