Splash King’s Tournament Is Coming To Steam

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Splash King’s Tournament has officially been announced by Jesper Peterson. The epic action-packed battle royale style title will be available exclusively to PC via Steam on the 30th July 2021.

“Splash King’s Tournament is a hardcore multiplayer shooter challenging you to be the last man standing!”

Splash King’s Tournament is a 3rd person title and takes place in the unlikeliest of places, the ocean! Not only will you have your enemies to fight and conquer but you may also come across deadly sea creatures that you need to take down. Obviously, as you are in the deep, the devs have been nice enough to develop a back-pack engine for you to advance around the map. However, not only is this a backpack it also allows you to breach the surface and go airborne.

“Top Tip – You have 5 lives per session, and your engine will explode in glorious pixels should you exit from the boundaries of the playfield!”

As a part of the lineup in-game, you will have 10 characters to choose from. Each of them bringing their own element to the game. There will be two game modes available on launch, Quick match mode and Tournament mode. Alongside this, there will also be the option to create your own private lobbies. Check out the launch trailer below:

Let us know in the comments below if you end up diving in at grabbing this title!

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