ManyDev Studio Announces The New Game Parasight

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ManyDev Studio announces the new game Parasight. Parasight has been described as having a “souls-like mechanism” but within a 2D environment. The title is an action RPG with a game as you like to feel. It is up to you, you can take the social path and be nice to your enemies. However, you can also step it up and jump into fights, which one would you choose?

How will you play?

Parasight is set on an island whereby you are seeking to find out what has actually happened. There are various characters to choose from such as a wizard, king and many more. Levelling up along the way you become a stronger character with different weaponry and wearables available. Obviously your gameplay type with bring consequences with it and with various ending to the game there is a lot for the gamer to get on board with.

Parasight by ManyDev is currently available as a Demo via steam, in the meantime check out the trailer below. If it is a title you want to pick up do not forget to add it to your wishlist! Thanks for reading!

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