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Song of Nunu is a breathtaking adventure game that delves deep into the heartwarming bond between a young boy named Nunu and his yeti companion, Wilump. Developed by Tequila Works and Published by Riot Forge, this game is a heartwarming tale of friendship, courage, and discovery that will leave players with a sense of warmth and fulfilment.

It teaches players valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of never giving up, no matter how difficult the obstacles may seem. Nunu and Wilump’s journey is not just about saving the village from darkness; it is also about the power of believing in oneself and the strength that comes from standing by those we care about.

Though the game ends on a cliffhanger, there even being an achievement stating “It’s not over”. We may never see a Song of Nunu 2 as Riot has decided to shut down it’s Riot Forge. They do state “The door to single player games is not closed entirely” so be hopeful.

Song of Nunu, hey Willump’s there too

Nunu and Willump’s bond only grows stronger as the story unfolds. Do you have anyone in your life that would be your Willump? A beloved pet maybe.


The game’s mechanics are centered around the unique abilities of Nunu and Willump, with players switching between controlling Nunu Solo or being combined with Willump to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. The variety of puzzles in the game is truly impressive, ranging from platforming tasks that require precise timing and coordination to intricate riddles that will test players’ problem-solving skills. Each puzzle feels fresh and engaging, keeping players on their toes and ensuring that every moment of gameplay is a rewarding experience.

You will need to play Nunu’s Svellsongur to collect new songs, play songs for completing puzzle sequences, to move graug creatures so that you can jump to new platforms and also for Willump to collect true ice and formations for moving elsewhere.

Nunu playing Svellsongur with Willump in the background mimicking
What a Svel song

Many would likely compare Willump to that of Trico from The Last Guardian, nevertheless; the camera angles and overall intuitiveness of Trico rendered the game almost unplayable at times, or at the least not a good experience. Whereas Willump does exactly what you would want him to, even giving hints during puzzles if you get a little stuck. Plus he loves a snowball fight, and sliding on the ice whenever there is a big drop. When Nunu is with Willump you will gain the ability to freeze water for you to be able to jump to other areas or climb up waterfalls, in general you will also be able to run and jump much higher and faster with Willump than Nunu on his own.

Willump and Nunu climbing a frozen waterfall surrounded by thorns with parts you can throw a snowball at the explode
Icy waters, thorns and explosions, great time for a photo!

Furthermore when battle takes place, this shall only be with Nunu and Willump together. You will have light and heavy attacks for Willump to slash at enemies, Nunu will be able to freeze enemies with snowballs and when enemies health is low enough, you go all out for an amazing fnishing move.

Song Of Nunu Finishers, such as Willump jumping high and slamming down on an enemy
Maybe music does cause violence

One of the most charming aspects of The Song of Nunu is the collectible Poros, Murals and Songs scattered throughout the game world. Poros are adorable creatures that players can find and interact with, adding a sense of whimsy and wonder to the game. The murals and songs, on the other hand, provide players with insights into the history and lore of the world of  Song of Nunu,  enriching the storytelling experience and adding depth to the narrative.

Nunu finding a Poro and feeding it a Poro Snax with lovehearts around the poro
Food Equals Love

Furthermore the emotional weight of the story is amplified by the stunning visuals and enchanting soundtrack, creating a truly immersive experience that will stay with players long after they have finished the game.

Really you are two small guys in this great big Freljord.

Size Comparison between Characters within Song of Nunu. Nunu being the smallest amongst his mother, Lissandra, Willump,Braun, The frostguard, Wolves, Volibear and Ornn
Nunu and Wilump against the world

Graphics & Audio

The game’s stunning visuals make the world of The Song of Nunu come alive in vivid detail. The game developers lovingly crafted every environment and character, from the snow-covered mountains to the mysterious forests and ancient ruins. Immersing players in a world that is both beautiful and dangerous. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the game.

Nunu looking up at a dead Ursine the group that Volibear is the leader of
Hi I’m Nunu don’t eat me… oh you’re dead

The soundtrack of  Song of Nunu is equally impressive. With a hauntingly beautiful score that enhances the emotional impact of the story. The music shifts seamlessly between moments of tension and tranquility, creating a dynamic backdrop that enhances every moment of gameplay. The sound effects add another layer of depth to the game. With the crunching of snow underfoot and the distant howls of unseen creatures.

The soothing melodies played by Nunu’s flute also add to the overall ambiance of the game. Creating a peaceful and enchanting experience for players as they navigate through the Freljord. Sometimes you will come across a sad song and the story that goes behind it.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Song of Nunu is the way it makes players feel. The emotional journey of Nunu and Willump is one that resonates on a deep level. Touching the hearts of players and leaving a lasting impression long after the game is over. What’s more the game reminds us that true friendship knows no bounds. That with courage and determination, we can overcome even the most daunting challenges that life throws our way.

Braum, Nunu and Willump sitting around the fire looking towards "The winged Mountain"
Friendship is like a warm fire


Song of Nunu is a brief game that can be completed in around 6 hours, or 7 to collect items. After completing the game, you can choose to return to previous chapters to collect any items you may have missed. Nevertheless after that you would have done everything.

Your main reason to return would be to experience the narrative and gameplay once again. The main flaw of Song of Nunu; is that there is no save feature other than the auto save. Thus you will not be able to save at exact areas you may want to replay the most.

Final Thoughts

In a gaming landscape dominated by fast-paced action and intense competition. Song of Nunu stands out as a shining example of the power of storytelling in video games. Reminding us to slow down, savor moments, and appreciate the world’s beauty, emphasising taking time to enjoy life.

Players of all ages should experience Song of Nunu. It demonstrates the power of friendship, courage, and discovery, reminding us that adventures can be found in unlikely places. Join Nunu and Willump on a heartwarming adventure that will renew your sense of wonder and appreciation for the world.

The Thumb Culture Platinum Award is awarded to Song of Nunu.

Thumb Culture Platinum Award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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