Sir Brante Launches On Playstation & Xbox

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The Life and Suffering Of Sir Brante Launches On Playstation & Xbox. The award-winning indie game will be launching on Playstation 4/5 and Xbox One/S/X.

A Classic Tale

The Life and Suffering Of Sir Brante combines a captivating narrative-driven story (imagine a living and breathing book) with classical RPG elements. You will live, affect, and experience Sir Brante’s life through his journal as if it were your own. As you explore a medieval society ruled by Nobles and The Twin Gods, how will you define this man’s legacy? Will Sir Brante live a good and modest life, or will his path be beckoned with strife and destruction? The choice is yours.

Developed by Sever Studios and published by 101XP. The Life and Suffering Of Sir Brante is set for PlayStation and Xbox release on February 10th. Sever’s debut title successfully launched on Steam in March 2021. So get ready to jump back into the past and look forward to this award-winning indie RPG video game.

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