Gambit By XREAL Games Coming Q2 2022

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Gambit By XREAL Games Coming Q2 2022. The single-player/co-op buddy adventure VR shooter is set to make waves when it finally lands.

VR Keeps Getting Better

While not much is known about Gambit. What we do know is it will give you a campaign of about 20+ hours to plunder, 9 levels in 3 chapters, 4-player co-op, dozens of guns, a myriad of attachments, skins, masks, deathmatch, tournament ladders, minigames, leaderboards, climbing, graffiti, hidden rewards, the GNOP, boss fights, free updates, dedicated customer support, and so on.

Tick Tick Boom

The world’s about to end, and you can give it a final push. Rob a train, screw up, go on a grand adventure full of grit and juice, blow up the streets, earn a bounty on your head, and keep the engine running. Join Frank, Udo, Cody, and Kevin, four misfits out to get rich or kill anyone else trying.

The key features of Gambit are

  • A story-rich and action-packed single-player/Co-op campaign (up to 4 players)
  • 4 playable characters, each possessing a unique special weapon and style
  • Competitive Co-op elements, leaderboards
  • Brand new, unique game world and lore
  • Tons of unlockables (weapons, attachments, charms, masks) – Weapon customisation (attachments, skins, charms)
  • Graffiti boards with adjustable spray cans (colour, caps) – PvP, Tournament ladders
  • Diverse, unique enemies, boss fights
  • Hidden areas, mini-games, reward hunting
  • Unmuzzled dialogue and a killer soundtrack

Gambit By XREAL Games Coming Q2 2022

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