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A Sifu content update has been released on PS4, PS5 and Epic Games Store.

Are you a Student, Disciple or a Pak Mei Master?

This is the first of a number of free updates coming to the game this year, as laid out by indie studio Sloclap in a roadmap for 2022.

The main addition to the game is a difficulty selection, bringing 2 new difficulties to the table which will be welcome news to both seasoned veterans, newcomers and those who struggled initially when the game was released. There is also advanced training with which to hone your skills and an outfit selection feature.

This spring Sifu content update is to be followed up by further content updates in summer, fall and winter.

A list of Sifu game updates coming in 2022

While the game’s original difficulty is kept intact as Disciple Difficulty, the new Student and Master difficulties bring the following updates to the gameplay:

Student Difficulty (Easy Mode)

For newcomers or those who struggled initially with the original game difficulty

  • more life & structure for the main character
  • less aggressive AI
  • enemies are less reactive in defence
  • various enemies and bosses have simplified attack patterns
  • weaker enemies
  • more forgiving ageing mechanic
  • better shrine rewards

a description of the features in the new student difficulty in Sifu

Master Difficulty (Hard Mode)

For seasoned veterans looking for a new challenge

  • less life & structure for the main character
  • various enemies have more life & structure
  • more aggressive AI
  • enemies are more reactive in defence
  • new boss patterns

a description of the features in the new master difficulty in Sifu

This Sifu content update for spring will open up the game to new players as it has been made more approachable, taming its punishing learning curve. It also gives legs to the title by offering a new challenge for those who have already mastered the game.


Players now have the ability to change their outfits in the Wuguan. All players will be able to unlock two new outfits and more will be added in future updates. These new outfits have specific unlock conditions attached.

Sifu interactive wardrobe for selecting outfits for main character
looking slick!

Owners of the Deluxe Edition will also have one extra outfit added to their interactive wardrobe.

Training Room

  • fighting and defeating any enemy, they are unlocked in the training room, allowing you to train and fight against advanced archetypes and the bosses.
  • it’s now possible to fight multiple enemies at once.
  • players now have the possibility to redo the tutorial.

Vengence Edition

Additionally, today (May 3rd) also sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated physical edition on PS4 and PS5. This Vengence Edition packs some nice goodies for fans of the game with a 48-page artbook being a standout.

Contents of the Sifu Vengence edition on PS4 and PS5 showing a copy of the game, 48 page artbook, digital soundtrack, 3 lithoraphs and steelbook case

Sifu is available now on PS4, PS5 and Epic Games Store.


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