Rust Freight Transit Line Update – All Aboard!

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Rust has had a major content update and now has many new features. The main one in this patch is an underground transit system. There are now also slot machines, a new round of Twitch drops and more.

Some of the main features are:

  • A Rail Network
    • You can now find train entrances scattered around the world, typically they are next to existing monuments. They may not appear much at first, keep exploring and you’ll find an entire underground rail network with drivable work carts. Be careful in the tunnels though because there are tunnel dwellers living down there, that typical of Rust, want you dead.

  • Work Carts
    • Each train station for the transit line will have two work carts, both facing opposite directions. Make sure you have low-grade fuel with you for these to run. There are 6 throttle settings, 3 forward and 3 reverse.
    • Be careful as you may encounter NPC barricades deep in the tunnel system. Be sure to slow down otherwise you’ll damage the work cart if you hit barricades too fast. The good thing about this is if a collision is about to happen a proximity alarm will sound off. Barricades can be broken down if approached by a work cart at slow speeds.

  • Slot Machines
    • You can test your luck with the three new slot machines in the gambling room of Bandit Town. Bring your scrap and prepare to spend a lot of time here wasting the hours away trying to hit the jackpot!
    • Each bet is a stake of 2 scrap, payouts range from 20 to 1500 scrap. Always be sure to grab any winnings before leaving. Have fun.

  • Server Browser
    • Facepunch say they’re sure many people are aware the there’s quite a few issues with the server browser in Rust. We’re told that we may never see all the live Rust servers out there due to how Steam implements the functionality. But, it can be improved.
    • Empty servers are now hidden by default, unless you’re on the official, friends, history or favourites tab where they will always show.
      • Please note this means if you’re looking for an empty server to play on you’ll have to enable the feature.
  • Server Performance
    • Bill Ford of Facepunch has written the below in the patch notes.

Whilst looking through the server profiles recently, I noticed that certain entities were updating and sending data more than they needed to. Two of the biggest offenders were entities with buoyancy (boats) and horses. Now we try our best to not update them if there aren’t any players around or they aren’t in use.

Combining these fixes with some fixes that Jarryd made with entity flag networking, servers should handle more players a bit better both in terms of CPU and bandwidth usage.

Also Facepunch tell us in the patch notes that Steam Family Sharing has been disabled for Rust. This is to help prevent cheaters who have been banned from the game. It is not in any plans to re-enable this.

There are new Twitch drops enabled now through to March 11th for Rust.

There are also many more improvements and fixes, you can read the full patch notes here at the Facepunch blog.

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