Rogue Stormers Coming To PS4

Rogue Stormers is the second title of Black Forest Games, the team behind Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. It combines classic run ‘n’ gun gameplay with a modern art style, twin stick shooter configuration and all the good things a roguelike has to offer. Every playthrough feels different with randomly compiled level chunks and tons of different perks and weapons.

Fast-paced twin stick action

Rogue Stormers is all about fast-paced twin stick shooter action. The player has to dash, shoot and blast their way through hordes of enemies to save Ravensdale. They can go at it alone or recruit the help of their friends in local- or online multiplayer.


● Twin stick controls: classic twin stick controls for old school run ‘n’ gun gameplay

● Unforgiving gameplay: stay alive or start over

● High replayability: randomly compiled levels make every playthrough different

● Balanced difficulty: the game remains fun and challenging, even when your character gets stronger

● Lots of perks: choose from loads of perks every time you level up

● Online/local co-op: play with two to four players in online or local co-op

As you can see from the screenshot above this game is shaping up to be a great action-packed twin stick shooter and we at Thumb Culture Towers are looking forward to getting our hands on this game in the future.

Stay tuned for further information when it comes available.


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