PSVR Gets An Official VR Headstand

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Yes that’s right there is now an official PSVR head stand for your precious £400 piece of kit. And funnily enough, or not is that it comes from Numskull, the very same people who bought you the Resident Evil scented candles!

Here is what Numskull say

VR headsets are tricky things to store seeing as they’re designed to sit on your head, but now PlayStation and Numskull has its own solution for how you can maintain your VR unit.This high-quality build obsidian headset stand comes with an adjustable metallic base, engraved logos, and a velcro tie to manage your VR headset cables.

Features include:

  • Official PlayStation Product
  • Premium quality obsidian head
  • Heavy chrome finish base weighing 2.3kg
  • Engraved logos
  • Adjustable height mechanism (38cm – 48cm)
  • Cable strap to keep things tidy
  • Matches PlayStation matt colour scheme

This headstand will set you back £30. Now don’t get me wrong, It makes sense to have somewhere to hang the headset, it is expensive after all. I place mine gently in a draw and leave it there, it’s free. What I really need is one almighty cable tidy, that’s what is doing my head in right now. Numbkull or any other company, make it happen

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