Remote Life Coming To Console

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Remote Life coming to console. Ratalaika Games is pleased to announce one of its premier releases is due to be ported to console on May 27th 2022.

Two News For The Price Of One

One man production team Ratalaika Games is bringing his homage to the arcade scrolling shooter to Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. With the help of developer Next Level Games. A sequel Remote Life 2:Fearless is also in production and will be available in December 2022.

With its beautiful 3D backdrops and amazingly crafted enemies, Remote Life is sure to get a new lease of life on the modern 4K consoles. While bringing back all those nostalgic memories of arcades and new games on the vintage household PCs. Such as Super R-Type, which it clearly takes inspiration from, with some extra added magic touches.

Remote Life coming to console, Raitlaika Games will be bringing his passion and dedication to the vintage Shoot’em Up’s and side scroller to a console near you soon. Priced at £14.99

News Number 2

Also, if that isn’t enough to excite the retro gamer in you, Remote Life 2: Fearless is in production for Steam and is due to be released in December 2022.

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