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I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive 505 game Zoom presentation where I got the chance to look at Red Solstice 2: Survivors and how the game was coming along.  If you don’t know anything about Red Solstice 2: Survivors, it is a Strategy RPG Real-Time Tactics style game (think of XCOM) based in the future; well year 117 after Earth’s STROL mutant invasion and your tasks to assemble to counter the threat.

The developer Irownard split the preview up into 3 sections: introduction to the 6 classes,  showing the strategy layer of the game, and then the player experience.

The Classes

Red Solstice 2: Survivors classes

  • Assault: The assault class are experts in the frontline and excels in any frontline activity.  They are commonly deployed to secure territorial gains or clear perimeters. They are highly trained operatives that are always pushing forward.
  • Medic: The medic class is one of the more demanding roles in the game as you prolonge the combat being the main unit that can heal injuries.  The medic class can also remove debuffs and even revive fallen squad members but don’t forget, they ain’t no freaking soldier so don’t expect much damage output. They also come fully equipped with a fleet of support drones which ensure medics are prompt in crisis resolution and immediate attention to wounded marines.
  • Heavy Support: Using heavy weapons, The heavy support class units are commonly used to suppress large enemy forces through efficient crowd control. A single unit is capable of holding an entire horde attack, especially if positioned in a tactically valuable location. Although they consume a great deal of ammunition, the heavy is an excellent choice to ensure every bullet finds its target. Using powerful sniper weapons, these units exterminate targets from a distance with brutal efficiency.
  • Marksman: The marksman class is used as long-range support and specializes in lethal forms of terrain surveillance, including scanning the environment for threats. A marksman is a Guardian from afar, who also served as a capable scout, often saving the lives of Frontline soldiers at the last second.
  • Demolition:  The Demolition class specializing in explosive ordnance deployment demolition squad and usually engages targets of exceptional size or extreme armour configuration.  They also devastate environments with ease, destroying the potential for enemies to hide in cover. Their destructive power is unmatched, they’re present a guarantee of obliteration.
  • Recon: The Recon class is focused on stealth and survival and are tasked with finding resources and establishing situational awareness for the entire squad. They have advanced cloaking ability, but can also request devastating airstrike and heavy support deployment against unaware enemies.

Strategy Layer

The strategy layer is the player’s main hub of operations.  This is where the player can choose missions, construct outposts, scan territories and access the mutants advantages and disadvantages throughout the campaign.  The important thing about strategy layers scanning that it also helps advance time and apply additional missions in the region.

The world map will allow you to access specific combat deployments while making strategic decisions such as building scanning and expanding regional influence. Also, research and development is an important part of the campaign because it helps us tackle bigger and more dangerous threats.

Player Experience

You have a chance to play up to 8 player co-op whether it’s the campaign or combat missions from other players. You can also bring in your own research into other players’ games that you have built up in your own campaign, helping with their missions too.

Each time a map starts, it will be procedurally generated, so it will not be the same at all, which gives each mission that unique experience along with some missions that might have storms from level one to five. So it’s up to players whether they want to go down on a mission or the storm is the strongest, which also changes their environment, or they want to wait out the storm and then let go and land down when it’s done.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors is released on the 17th of June 2021 on PC via Steam.

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