QPAD Launches Two New Pro Gamer Mice

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The Pro-Gamer Hardware-Forge QPAD launches two new Pro Gamer Mice; The QPAD DX-700 and the QPAD DX-900.

With its slim form factor, lightweight and ergonomic shape it is the perfect choice not only for Hardcore-Gamers but also for style users. The top case can be changed easily to fit your personal needs perfectly.

QPAD DX-700 Wired Gaming Mouse

The resolution of the Gaming-Mice is adjustable by DPI key in steps of 400, 800,1600, 3200, 6400, 8000 and 16000dpi. The innovative ergonomic design and the special texture surface secures that Gamers’ hands will never slip off the mouse again.


QPAD DX-900 wireless Gaming Mouse
QPAD DX-900 wireless Gaming Mouse

Both products are now available in stores. Further information on the products are available on: www.qpad.com

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