Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Ready For Early Access Soon

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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will soon launch on to Steams early access program. The simulation game is coming from developers Aesir Interactive and publishers astragon Entertainment. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will launch on to Steam early access on June 17th 2021.

Read the press release below:

Duesseldorf/Germany, June 1, 2021 – With the last preparation in full swing, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, the new simulation project of the Munich-based developer studio Aesir Interactive and the successful German publisher astragon Entertainment is almost ready to be released as an early access game on Steam™ on June 17, 2021. From this point on, police and simulation game fans are called upon to contribute their ideas and wishes to the ongoing development and to join forces with the Police Simulator team in the continuation of this ambitious project in the coming weeks and months. The game is supported by a game-grant of the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

Find out more about what will await you in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers coming June 17, 2021 in our release announcement trailer!

• Platform: PC
• Engine: Unreal® Engine 4
• Release: Early access starts on June 17, 2021 on Steam™
• Several update phases after the initial launch
• Game modes: Single player from launch, a cooperative multiplayer to be added later
• Price: 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP) – all future content until the official end of the early access phase are included at no additional cost

At the start of early access, players can choose from a total of 8 different characters and slip into the role of a male or female US police officer. In this role, they go on patrol in the first city district of the fictional US metropolis of Brighton. They start in the neighborhood of North Point, where they collect shift points and duty stars by completing their first shifts and patrols, which in the course of the game will give them access to four more neighborhoods as well as new tasks and equipment. Initially they will patrol the streets on foot to look out for parking offenders, speeders and suspicious persons. With a good work performance officers can soon get behind the wheel of the first patrol car included in the game as well.

Brighton itself offers players a varied urban landscape that exudes liveliness and authentic city flair thanks to a complex city simulation. Here, the players can expect numerous tasks and emergencies in which they have to decide for themselves which action is appropriate depending on each situation. All measures taken should always be proportionate and compliant with the rules of law, as police misconduct or even police violence in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers results in the loss of shift points or even in the immediate end of the game.

When working out the individual tasks, developers Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment attached great importance to the level of detail in order to let players experience the everyday work of the virtual police officers as realistically as possible.

Check out the release date trailer on our YouTube channel below. Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to playing this one!

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