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Developed by the talented team at Nintendo, the world of Pikmin has always been a quirky, enchanting adventure, and now it returns with a stunning remaster in Pikmin 1+2. With revamped graphics and improved gameplay mechanics, Pikmin 1+2 is a nostalgic trip for veterans and an inviting introduction for newcomers to this whimsical world.

Play Pikmin 1+2 and build a plant army to help you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to relive the magic of these beloved classics or experience them for the first time. Join Captain Olimar and his trusty Pikmin companions on a thrilling adventure where friendship, courage, and teamwork can conquer any challenge. Dive in, contribute your skills, and let Pikmin’s wild and wonderful world capture your heart.


Pikmin 1+2 retains the innovative gameplay mechanics that made the series a standout success. As Captain Olimar, players take on the role of a tiny astronaut, leading hordes of Pikmin to explore and accomplish various tasks. These Pikmin, each with their unique abilities, are crucial to overcoming obstacles, battling predators, and gathering resources.

The strategic depth of Pikmin 1+2 requires players to assess their surroundings and effectively utilise different Pikmin types to achieve their objectives. There are three types of Pikmin in Pikmin 1: Red Pikmin are resistant to fire and are your strongest unit. The Yellow Pikmin can throw bombs and be thrown higher, and Blue Pikmin are immune to water attacks and will save other Pikmin from drowning. This blend of environmental puzzles and tactical combat demands players to think on their feet and plan their approach meticulously.

Red, Blue and Yellow Sprite Alien creatures of Pikmin
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Pikmin 2 introduces additional Pikmin types, Purple and White, with a deeper exploration of caves and dungeons. The purple and white Pikmin can only be found in the underground sections of the game, so you must keep them safe as they cannot reproduce like the other Pikmin colours. The purple Pikmin are powerful; they can’t be easily blown over, but they are relatively slow. We then have our White Pikmin; these are immune to poison and cause a poison effect on enemies when eaten. They will also help you to see the underground treasures.

The remastered Pikmin 1+2 brings modernised controls that perfectly complement the Nintendo Switch. Navigating the world and commanding the Pikmin feel more intuitive than ever, offering a seamless experience that allows players to focus on the joys of exploration and strategy. However, it can sometimes be confusing when it mixes in motion controls.

The user interface is clean and straightforward, allowing easy access to essential information and menus without cluttering the screen.

Graphics & Audio

Pikmin 1+2 treats players to an endearing soundtrack that encapsulates the whimsy and wonder of the game. The melodic tunes change according to the in-game time, enhancing the immersion and emotions tied to different moments in your adventure. The soundtrack is an auditory delight, from heartwarming themes during peaceful days to more intense tracks during harrowing battles.

Giant alien bug creature walking towards ready for a fight
Pikmin 1 boss

The sound effects are a delightful medley of cheerful squeaks from the Pikmin and an environmental ambience that further immerses players in the tiny world they explore. These audio elements blend seamlessly with the visuals, creating a complete sensory experience that enhances the gameplay.

The remastered graphics are a nice touch in areas to remind you this is an older game but exciting enough to notice improvement, boasting vivid colours and stunning environmental details. Each area bursts with life, from lush forests to sprawling gardens, making the experience a visual delight.

The Pikmin are adorable, endearing creatures that instantly tug at your heartstrings. Their animated expressions and cheerful demeanour add to the game’s charm, making them more than just simple minions but partners in your adventure.


Upon completing Pikmin 1+2, you will see a final analysis screen with your best scores; you may wish to try and beat these. You also have the Piklopedia, a helpful compendium of the creatures and plants you encounter. This is a handy feature for those seeking to delve deeper into the lore and characteristics of the Pikmin world; you can try to fill this out. Furthermore, there are then multiple treasures you can collect.

The inclusion of multiplayer functionality in Pikmin 2 of Pikmin 1+2. Friends can join forces to embark on cooperative challenge levels or engage in frantic vs Battles. The multiplayer aspect elevates the game’s replayability, encouraging players to team up and strategise together, fostering camaraderie and memorable moments.

Final Thoughts

While the character models still retain their dazzling charm. One can’t help but notice a slight ambiguity in the textures when the camera closely focuses on the captivating action. Furthermore, keen eyes will readily spot a fair share of pixelated edges lurking in meticulously designed environments. Additionally, the frame rate remains steadfastly glued to 30 frames per second.

These are simply aspects that newcomers should be aware of, allowing them to set their expectations accordingly. It’s worth noting that the experience is significantly improved when engaging in portable play. In this magical phenomenon, the smaller screen inadvertently camouflages the previously mentioned blemishes, making them delightfully harder to spot.

Overall, Pikmin 1+2 offers an exceptional gaming experience. Both games showcase the perfect blend of strategy, puzzle-solving, and adventure while telling compelling stories. The remastered versions improve upon the original releases with enhanced graphics and audio. Whether you are a long-time fan of the Pikmin series or a newcomer, these games are must-play titles.

I award Pikmin 1+2 a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Thumb Culture Gold Award


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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