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Have you ever wanted to run your own repair shop? Well now is your chance! The Repair House, developed by Claudiu Kiss and Quantum Logic Games allows you to do just that. Manage and expand your very own repair shop!

Seriously, do people not look after their stuff?

From the original creator of PC Building Sim comes this restoration sim. So how does it compare? Let’s find out more


With nice and simplistic controls, The Repair House will allow you to dive into the gameplay with ease. Taking apart items is a case of clicking and holding the mouse button (yes I was using a keyboard and mouse reviewing this) You carry on doing this until you have found the broken part and then you head over to your item catalogue and order up the new parts. Rinse and repeat

Yes, it’s not quite that simple, but there is a lot of repetition. Although with new items being introduced as you level up you can forgive the early times playing this game. Push through and you get to open up some great additions for your repair house. More racking allowing you to take on more orders than the 4 that you start with.

your starting list of repair jobs, in a journal allowing you to keep track of the options.
Hmm… what to repair first!

When you get further into the game, you start unlocking other locations, such as barns where you can do some digging to find rare items. Or head to the storage lot and bid on their mystery content. When you start the game, however, you just have your own little workshop to contend with. Start taking some orders using the phone, get the items repaired and get levelling up.


When you start off your repair shop is pretty gross. There are a couple of damp spots, even one on an internal wall, best get someone to investigate the cause of that. Even the stairs are broken with a whole step missing. Once you start earning more money though you can redecorate to make it at least semi appealing to work in. You can also open up new areas when you start earning the big bucks.

You even get to the point where you can start decorating the items you have restored. Bringing your own little taste of flair into The Repair House.


The game itself is very relaxing, with no real-time pressures other than the specified timescales put on the orders. However, with the delivery system allowing overnight shipping, for a hefty $50 cost, you can get items quickly. You just need to plan what jobs you are going to take on.

When repairing items, you would be recommended to look at the cost and maybe order a few of the same item. For example, the Skateboard, I had a skateboard come in with 2 broken wheels. Instead of ordering just the 2 wheels, I put in a bulk order, this made more sense so I built up a bit of stock for when more skateboards come in. Sure enough, my assumption was right, another skateboard with a busted wheel came in and I was able to repair it that same day. Bagging some extra XP in the process!

a skateboard on the desk with broken wheels.
Time to repair some wheels

Graphics & Audio

Graphically, The Repair House is nothing special. It’s very basic in terms of its textures, but each item looks like it should. With the damaged item being obvious that it is in need of repair. All the removable parts are highlighted so you can quickly scan across with your mouse and see what needs dismantling. Thankfully you don’t need to keep track of where the bolts are as they just magically appear when needed.

There isn’t much there for the audio fanatics out there, but personally, I don’t think that it needs a heavy metal rock anthem soundtrack. Not when the game is meant to be a nice chilled experience. The music and sound effects fit the bill perfectly.


Literally, how long is a piece of string? There are going to be some people that absolutely love this kind of game and will spend hours fixing and repairing items. Expanding your repair shop and heading out and bidding for mystery bins all add to the appeal of the game. I will be diving into the game and playing it some more just to see how far I can take my repair shop!

Final Thoughts

Being developed by the original creator of PC Building Simulator, I knew exactly what to expect from The Repair House. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Yes, it was slow to start, but once you get into the stride of managing your repair shop the game becomes a great relaxing experience.

Having the expansion elements as well as the barn finds, auction house and more gives The Repair House variety to break up from just dismantling, purchasing parts and repairing. It brings that extra element that is often missing from a lot of these similar simulations.

The Repair House gets the Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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