Physical Editions of Spiritfarer Now Available for Switch, PS4

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iam8bit and Thunder Lotus Games recently announced that for the first time physical editions of Spiritfarer are now available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In addition, a 96-page digital art book, six collectible postcards, and a sticker stamp set will be included as well as a digital download card for the Spiritfarer soundtrack, composed by Max LL.

Spiritfarer Packshot for Physical Edition

iam8bit will also release a 2xLP vinyl soundtrack at a later date. And for those who love a good collector’s edition, there will be a “robust” Spiritfarer CE coming out in the future. More information on the vinyl soundtrack and the Collector’s Edition can be found on the iam8bit website.

Spiritfarer is a cozy management sim about death and dying. Players assume the role of Stella, a ferrymaster who cares for and befriends deceased spirits on their way to the afterlife. Aboard her customizable ferry, Stella can add and upgrade rooms to meet their basic needs. Once their final wishes have been met, these spirits are brought to Everdoor, the gateway to the afterlife.

The game has garnered multiple game awards and nominations from the Canadian Game Awards, The Game Awards, BAFTA Game Awards, D.I.C.E. Awards, the 2021 Independent Games Festival, and both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. But most of all, it has earned high praise from gamers and critics.

Spiritfarer has received multiple content updates and free DLC content. Just this Spring, there was the Lily update which introduced a Lily, the Butterfly Spirit and some additional quality of life improvements. The next update, Beverly, will include a new spirit, new boat buildings, recipes, collectibles, and more quality of life improvements. The last updates, Jackie and Daria, will be available in the fall.

Owners of the digital and physical copies of Spiritfarer will have access to these updates.


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