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The release of the first official video game of the Paralympics. Pegasus Dream Tour by JP Games is available on iOS and Android

The Paralympics will take place between the 24th of August and the 5th of September. This year marks the 16th Paralympic Games and will be the 2nd time that Tokyo has held the event.

Players getting ready for their race


Pegasus Dream Tour designed alongside the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). JP Games have worked to build around the IPC’s value of diversity and inclusion.

Players are able to customise their avatars prostheses and wheelchairs and train in a number of sports precision-ball-sport boccia, football 5-a-side, athletics, and wheelchair basketball.

Pegasus City is a virtual setting that serves as a testing ground for a utopian future. Designed by a team of up-and-coming female creative artists. The goal was “To create a space where the individuality of each person is fully respected”


The Mine Room used to customise your character.

Starting out players are asked to create a “Mine” which will be the players’ character within the massive avatar RPG. Players will be able to speak to NPCs that will give you quests along the way. These NPC’s are based on real para-athletes

Takayuki Hirose (Boccia / Japan)

Patrick Anderson (Wheelchair basketball / Canada)

Holly Robinson (Javelin / New Zealand)

Silvio Velo (Football 5-a-side / Argentina)

Team Bridgestone:

Manami Tanaka (Wheelchair Tennis / Japan)

Kohei Kobayashi (Badminton / Japan)

Rie Ogura (Badminton / Japan)

Scout Bassett (Athletics / USA)

Chaiwat Rattana (Athletics / Thailand)

Players can come together for a series of in-game experiences, such as the “Pegasus Avatar Gala Party”. This is a live artists event featuring popular artists that together share the game’s goal of advancing social contributions through gaming.

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