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The 360° rogue-lite, Orbital Bullet, has received a free huge content update, named Fresh Meat. Developers SmokeStab Studio has been working hard on this update which brings a lot of new content to the game.

We get a new biome to explore, different enemies to kill, and an assortment of new weapons and abilities to end their time in those biomes with.

The new Fresh Meat biome would make the bloodiest of splatter movies look dull, with it being “The ultimate fusion of slaughterhouse and a mad science lab”.

Key features of the update are as follows:

  • Bloody Biome – Located on the planet Karth, this new location is where Dread Corps monsters have their barbaric manufacturing processes finalised.
  • Revolting New Enemies – This blood-caked factory is definitely not making car parts! It’s certainly responsible for creating mindless hybrid enemies awaiting their fate at the end of your weapons.
  • The Corpse Collector Perk – There’s a new perk named Corpse Collector, what is this? It allows you to convert those fallen enemies into projectiles, and also allows you to use the Down Slam which uses the power of “big butts” to stun enemies making them easier to kill.
  • Stay Strapped – The flamethrower will allow you to cook your enemies until they “meat” their doom… Sorry. Had to. There’s also the new Spiral Gun which is a rapid-fire long-range weapon.

The game came to Steam Early Access on 22nd April 2021 and is rated as Very Positive on Steam. It is currently on offer for £7.71 with 25% off. You can check out the Steam page for Orbital Bullet here.

Have you played Orbital Bullet? Let us know in the comments after you watch the gameplay trailer below on our YouTube page.

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