Nine More Languages for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

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Since being released on 17th June 2021 Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Aesir Interactive and Astragon Entertainment. The feedback from the player community has been positive. The biggest request is to have more languages. A wish, that the developer team is more than happy to grant with today’s new update! Nine more languages for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. While the voice-overs will remain in English to suit the game’s US-American setting. Virtual cops can now also go on patrol in French, Italian, Spanish. Also added are Turkish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese with localized UIs and subtitles!

Just a fender bender

The game is still in early access on Steam. Will be regularly expanded with updates to add new gameplay features, new tasks, and districts. The last background check update brought in

a completely new district, Downtown, with five more neighbourhoods, the Gladiator 6 SUV as the game’s second police car, and a police computer that can be used to query background information on suspicious persons or vehicles.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and patrol in nine more languages.

Fans of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will be able to subject upcoming content expansions to extensive beta tests on Steam™ before their final release, all the while helping development and refinement. Information on exactly how the beta test works, and what players have to do to take part, can be found here.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available for PC via Steam™ and the official Astragon homepage for 19.99 Euro/USD 24.99/17.99 GBP (RSP). The game is supported by a game grant of the German funding body FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

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