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Apex Legends is getting a huge update next week with the launch of Emergence. Launching on the 3rd August Emergence will change the face of Apex Legends introducing a new game-changing Legend, New Weapons, New Arenas and Ranked Arenas.

This will certainly shake up the community and force players to learn new ways to adapt their gameplay.

Dare you ride the moving gondolas??

In a new Press Release Respawn Entertainment gave a rundown on what to expect

  • New Legend Seer: Seer is a mysterious outcast that offers a new way of seeing enemies. Seer’s abilities are a sight to behold as he uses sensors and drones to hunt with surgical precision.

  • New Weapon Rampage LMG: ‘Ring the party’ with Rampart’s newest invention, the Rampage LMG, which packs a powerful punch, and with a charge from Thermite Grenades, can be revved up for a faster fire rate. – World’s Edge Map Update: Hammond continues to tear apart World’s Edge with a rebirth and overhaul of the map in store for Emergence which includes changes to some of the map’s most popular POIs.

  • Ranked Arenas: **Apex Legends continues its investment in Arenas with the introduction of Ranked Arenas, which will allow players to prove themselves as Apex Predators in either Arenas or Battle Royale mode for the first time ever, or show that they’re the ultimate Champion by conquering both.

  • New Arenas to Conquer: The Arenas map rotation gets another refresh with three new POI’s that will rotate throughout the season including Hillside, Dome, and Oasis.

Emergence will also see the launch of a Battle Pass. This will give players access to limited skins and rewards for completing challenges and levelling up.

Apex Legends: Emergence launches 3rd August for Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. It is also available on PC via Origin and Stream

Are you excited about Emergence? Let us know in the comments section below and until then have a watch of the new Gameplay Trailer.

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