Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

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Join us at Thumb Culture as we take a look at the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review. The latest Pro Controller that’s perfect for competitive gaming. With the popularity of professional gaming now. It only makes sense that there will be some amazing controllers on the market and here we take a look at one of those controllers.

Feel Like A Professional In Your Living Room

So here we are. I’ve gone from writing video game reviews to writing my very first hardware review. It seemed only fitting that the first piece of hardware I was going to review was a controller. With that controller being the Nacon Revolution X Pro. So let’s dig in and see what makes this controller so special.

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The design for me is great. While I think it is slightly larger than the standard Xbox controller you barely notice. It feels so good in your hands. While it is made for both Xbox and Windows PC I feel like it would be more fitting for a PC. While it is still brilliant on an Xbox it’s the fact that it is wired so it makes more sense to be sat at a computer plugged into the USB rather than having a wire across the living room if you are using it on Xbox.

You can choose between concave or convex sticks and use the different bases provided to adjust sensitivity on the fly. For a tailored gaming experience, the handles include compartments for adjusting weight. It’s the first time I’ve ever used anything like this so changing out each weight and experimenting with them was actually more fun than it should have been. Although I did actually the lightest weight. It just felt better for certain games.

Crazy how much you can customize

For a controller of this scale and the amount of customization you can do (we’ll get to that soon), you would think that there would be so many buttons that you wouldn’t even know where to start. But that’s not the case with the Nacon Revolution X Pro. It’s just the same layout and display as a regular Xbox controller. This is really handy for a guy like me because too many buttons and sticks can be a little overwhelming.


Ok, so I’m just going to come right out and say the functionality of this is just mind-blowing. Even now as I’m writing this there are still so many different customizable options I haven’t done. Mainly because there are so many you can do to fit your play style. You can spend so long finding the right settings that feel the best. I tried many games from hack and slash games to sports games and the more demanding FPS games.

So pretty

I think adjusting each weight also helps with the gaming experience. For example, when I played FPS like Destiny 2 I had to put the larger weights in as the more demanding button pressing and rumble of the controller made it easier to grip. Rather than having a smaller weight for the less demanding games like sports games. I suppose one thing to note is that with it being wired there is no risk of the batteries dying because it doesn’t need them.

I made three profiles on the controller with four being the max. Each profile fits with a genre of game. It is so easy to switch through the profiles as well with just the touch of a button. Although you will have to change out the weights that don’t take very long. Changing out the weights is easy as well as you just need a little bit of pull to get each back-off.


The overall feel of the Nacon Revolution X Pro is great. Each handle fits just right in your hands and with the grip it has. There’s no chance of it slipping out due to sweaty palms. I particularly like the thumbstick grips. They need to be on every controller. Each one feels so smooth but not too smooth if you know what I mean. Depending on what weight you have in it can obviously be heavy or light. I myself prefer it light but I will admit that I have turned the rumble down a little. Otherwise, the controller just flys out of your hand.

It’s not as hard as you think

Final Thoughts

So my final thought towards the Nacon Revolution X Pro is that while it is designed for both Xbox and Windows PC. I think it will excel more for PC gamers. Don’t get me wrong it’s great also for Xbox but with it being wired you will be making sure you don’t trip over the wire (especially if you have kids)

I had a blast going through all the different settings and putting in each weight so it felt more natural in my hand. It’s great for any budding gamer out there who makes to take to the professional circuit and know what it feels like to be just as good as them.

So for me, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller gets the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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