JBL JR 460NC Headset Review

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When it comes to gaming headsets they always seem to be pretty much one size, but what about the little people?  Well worry no more, I have had the pleasure of testing the JBL JR 460NC wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones recently.  With Christmas coming up and tech always being a much sought-after gift, should these be on your list?

JBL JR 460NC – Small Tech For Small Ears

With my son at the ready, let’s see what this headset can do!

The 3 simple to use buttons on the right earcup.

Design and Control

The headset is neatly presented in a very colourful JBL box. What you find inside is the JR 460NC headset, a 3.5mm jack audio lead, and a vibrant USB-C charging lead.  JBL had kindly sent me the blue and green headset. However, you can also get them in pink and orange or white and orange. The first thing I noticed was how light the headset was.  Weighing in at a child-friendly 200g will at least mean that your little one can happily listen to their device without complaining of either sore ears or a sore head.

When it comes to the usual vast array of buttons and dials that you would normally expect on an adult headset you are instead greeted by a much simpler arrangement.  The right cup houses 3 large buttons which primarily comprise of the power on/off, track command, and ANC on/off.  I must say, the smiley face on the ANC button is kinda cute.

There is not a volume dial on the JR 460NC and that is because the headset is limited to just below 85dB to stop your children from blasting their eardrums out.  A great touch by JBL in my opinion.  The volume can be controlled via the device that is playing to it.

When it comes to voice chat, there is an integrated mic on the ear cup.  I found it much better than having a boom arm as it is one less thing to get broken!

Other than the power indicator led there is no other lighting on the headset.  This helps to ensure that the 30-hour battery life is there to provide sound for as long as possible without requiring charging.

Colourful and durable!


The JBL JR 460NC comes with built-in 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and thanks to the multi-point connection, 2 devices can be paired and seamlessly swapped between.  It is worth noting that unlike some of the other JBL wireless products, there is not a dongle for this particular headset.  Should your device not be Bluetooth compatible then the aforementioned 1m 3.5mm jack lead allows you to connect.

Sound and Performance

The 32mm drivers are perfect for little ears and my son certainly gave them a good test drive.  The headset performed well on the Playstation 5, Switch, and iPad without any issues.  The sound level, although not massively loud in comparison to an adult headset, is at a brilliant setting for children.  I certainly had no concerns with it.  Even at low volumes, the range of the audio was crisp and clear with a good amount of bass present.  There have certainly been no shortcomings in the audio zone despite the headset being aimed at children which is lovely to see from JBL.

One feature I really loved was the ability to operate Siri/Bixby etc when paired with a phone/tablet.  I had my son watching his favourite Paw Patrol episodes while also asking for the lights to be dimmed down in the room!  I wish I had all of this when I was his age!

The Bluetooth connection was crisp and clear.

When it comes to charging the headset, 2 hours is required for a full charge while a quick 5-minute burst will also give you 2 hours of sound.  Perfect for those quick road trip moments!

The ANC (Active Noise-Canceling) is a brilliant inclusion to the JR 460NC headset.  If you are working from home or require your child to not be distracted by other sounds that are happening around them then this is a great feature.  It will shorten the life of the battery slightly from 30 hours to 20 however with that kind of duration you should have an opportunity to top the charge up before you run out.  My only faux pas was to have the ANC on and then ask my son what he would like for dinner before then thinking he was ignoring me lol.

At 200g, the headset is a pleasure to wear for long durations.

Final Thoughts

The JBL JR 460NC headset is a perfect gift for a child.  At £69.99 it is one of those devices that you want to buy once and not have to replace.  With JBL not only do you have the durability factor on your side (believe me, my son tested it!), but you have an easy-to-operate, child-friendly brilliant sounding audio device with amazing battery life.  Couple that with the integrated mic and ANC technology and you have a real powerhouse of a headset that you know will last, sound great and provide functionality.

The JBL JR 460NC headset receives the Thumb Culture Platinum award.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life
  • ANC
  • Integrated Mic
  • Child Friendly
  • Volume Limited To Protect Small Ears
  • No Wireless Charging

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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