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In preparation for the release, developer The Sixth Hammer has launched a special demo build of Moo Lander available on Xbox One now.

There is No Cow Level

Last shown at E3 2001 Moo Lander is a 2D platformer with environmental puzzles and resource management.

A story about milk

Eons ago, there were two ancient civilizations – The Landers and The Anunnaki. They lived in peace until the Anunnaki became greedy, wanting all the milk for themselves. Consequently, a huge conflict between the two civilizations broke out ‘The Great Milk Wars’. During this long and bloody battle, all the cows were killed and the two races were doomed to extinction.

As a result, a truce was made and The Anunnaki mysteriously disappeared into the depths of space. The Landers remained on their homeworld, where they recalled an ancient legend about a device that could produce infinite amounts of milk. For this reason, they dispatched their bravest warrior in the last-ditch approach to save their dying world, Seconds later tragically he died.

This is where your adventure begins, find the legendary milk-generating device and save your nation from extinction.

The Landers and The Anunnaki


  • Tame the Mighty Cows – Each one of those powerful bosses will pose a considerable threat and is a challenge worth remembering!
  • Upgrade your ship – Unlock a set of over 6 unique abilities and meaningful upgrades branching into two separate trees!
  • Fight a variety of enemies – Over 20 kinds of intelligent enemies are waiting for you to prevent you from fulfilling your goal. Each of them requires a different approach to deal with!
  • Engaging single-player campaign – Play through over 5-hour long emotional campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists!
  • Multiplayer – Experience the game with your friends in 4 player couch co-op!
  • 5 unique terrains – Discover beautiful hand-crafted, yet lethal landscapes.
  • Challenge yourself – Save your kind on one of 3 difficulty levels (with a little extra for all of you hardcore Milk Drinkers)
  • Interactive environment – Explore and interact with objects around you using your abilities in an unusual way!
Our Cow Overlords

Demo Length

With all that being said, the new *Moo Lander* demo is extended to about 30-40 (and even longer on a harder difficulty) minutes of intense gameplay, not including the multiplayer options.

Moo Lander is due for release in Spring 2022. Check out the trailer below


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