Mini Motorways’ Big Success

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Dinosaur Polo Club, the makers of Mini Motorways, have announced that the game has been something of a success. Mini Motorways is nearing the milestone of 4 million downloads, which is certainly worthy of celebrating.

Well deserved it is too. Mini Motorways is the follow-up to Mini Metro, which was outstanding in its simplicity and execution. From the reviews that Mini Motorways has received, it looks like switching from trains to cars hasn’t hurt the game at all.

The game first launched on Apple Arcade and then on Steam. So how many of those ‘nearly 4 million’ downloads came from iOS users and how many came from PC players, we don’t know. What we do know is that the Switch version is gearing up for launch sometime in ‘Q2 2022’. Again – not hugely specific, but that’s soon enough.

The Switch launch is good news for all players of Mini Motorways though. Because not only is a new system being supported, but new content is on the way too. Exact details on this new content weren’t available, but one can assume there’ll be new levels to complete. The ability to sync saves from PC to Switch was confirmed though. Those of you that just can’t get enough of building roundabouts can take your save on the go.

So well done to Dinosaur Polo Club. Mobile gaming has something of a bad reputation amongst gamers, but with devs like Dinosaur Polo Club, it’s a reminder that there are some real gems on those app stores!

Played anything good on your mobile lately? Looking forward to this Switch release? Drop us a comment!

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