Ghostwire Tokyo Pre-Launch Trailer

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Tango Gameworks has revealed the thrilling new trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo

Who You Gonna Call

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces at the hands of a dangerous occultist. The majority of its population has vanished. Our Protagonist Akito is possessed by a spirit detective named KK who grants him supernatural abilities. However, does this spirit have its own agenda?

Uncover the mysteries behind supernatural events

Ghostwire Tokyo

An action-adventure game that puts you in Akito’s shoes in Tokyo. Tokyo has been invaded by otherworldly spirits (known as visitors). The use of hand movements inspired by Kuji-Kiri to cast spells and reveal and vanquish the core of the spirit. Discover iconic landmarks like Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower both frozen in time.

Explore a unique vision of Tokyo with stunning visuals. From its ultra-modern cityscape to its traditional temples and narrow alleyways, discover a hauntingly beautiful city teeming with Yokai – vengeful spirits that prowl the streets.



Ghostwire Tokyo is available on PC and PlayStation 5 from 25th March. In the meantime check out the trailer below.


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