Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic Shows Our Common Choices

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BioWare released a new infographic, “Your Shepard, Your Choices” detailing many of the story choices players have made in their Mass Effect Legendary Edition playthroughs. From which squadmates were likely to survive in the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2 to our chosen military specialization, Shepards across the globe have a few things in common.

Some key observations from this infographic:

  • 4% of players got Tali exiled from the Migrant Fleet
  • Mordin was the least likely character to survive the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2 while Garrus was the most likely to survive
  • 68% of players chose to punch reporter Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani in the face rather than answer her questions
  • Male, Earthborn, Survivor was the most popular Shepard build and Soldier was the most popular military specialization

You can view the rest of the infographic below or on the Mass Effect Twitter page.

If you haven’t picked up Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the game is on sale on all major platforms:

  • Origin: Now through July 29
  • PlayStation: Now through August 4
  • Xbox: Now through August 5
  • Steam: July 29 to August 2

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic

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