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Limerick: Cadence Mansion is a first-person horror puzzle game. Collect Relics, solve intricate puzzles, fight off monsters, and evade the grasp of the name-sake deadly marionette named Limerick. Developed by Jenito Studious LLC, a solo developer named Daniel Hall, Limerick: Cadence Mansion is out and available on Steam for £24.99.

Not Quite a Jigsaw, But Definitely a Puzzle

You awaken in a cell with no memory, name, or idea why you’re here. A chipper-sounding floating robot outside, named P-Bo, is somewhat taunting you and warning you about his bad-tempered master, who you later acquaint as Limerick. Once you’re released, you’re left to explore your surroundings to find means of escape and hopefully some answers.

The player is stuck in a hanging cage, in front is the main villain Limerick. He is floating above the floor that is covered in papers and black roots, as he speaks through the robot on his side. The top left displays my health as red orbs, a yellow bar for essence and the weapon types.
Love a warm welcome.


Before you begin Limerick: Cadence Mansion, there are three modes to choose from. The three modes are Proofreader, Essayist and Master Of Writ. These modes allow you a certain amount of ‘bypasses’ for Limerick puzzles and regular. Once you begin to explore, you will find notes scattered around, giving you a deeper insight into the story. Sometimes, you may make a discovery and find out the fates of the note’s authors. The most significant notes are those of the Book of Anachronisms. This book is lore for Limerick and a better understanding of his character. It tells the perspective of three writers: the Builder, the Boy and the Crown.

Puzzles & Locked Doors

The prominent element in Limerick: Cadence Mansion is the solving of puzzles. Puzzles range from simple memory games to complicated number games. There are also locked doors requiring typical keys, while some have keypads. Keypads usually require either a numbered passcode or an I.D. card found nearby.

I have just finished a puzzle that required me to turn the symbols to the correct pattern. The blue lock symbol is to notify the player the puzzle is correct.
Some puzzles are much worse.

The most stress-inducing type of puzzle is the Limerick puzzle. Limerick encounters are several survival puzzles. Learn the arena’s layout and become familiar with the locations and how to solve them. Limerick will leave you alone at first but soon starts to patrol after you’ve solved the first puzzle once. It’s not over so soon either, as you have to solve every puzzle three times! Exercising caution is vital to surviving Limerick encounters, as you cannot kill him, other enemies pursue you, and if you die, you reload to your last save, losing all of your progress. A Panic Room is nearby, so at the very least, you have opportunities to run and take a breather from the chaos.

Surviving & Essence Vessels

Not only does the player have the threat of the Cheshire-smiled marionette, but there are also other threats throughout, so solving puzzles won’t always be a walk in the park. Remembering to save often is crucial in Limerick: Cadence Mansion, as upon death, you reload to the last time you saved and lose any progress made past that point. Science stations are generators that serve as a save point. However, you need resources to use it. Resources (such as wiring kits and mechanical parts) and Relics (the collectables) are scattered around, but they glow, which helps find them.

One of the relics I discovered. It looks-like a music box and has a yellow glowing particles coming from it.
Several relics are found throughout the game.

To better your chance at survival, you can find Essence Vessels (that look like crystal balls), which permanently increase your maximum stats. A yellow Essence Vessel increases your Essence. A green one increases your maximum Stamina, and a blue one increases your Psythermic Energy. A red Essence Vessel increases your maximum health.

Enemies, Weapons & The Panic Room

Besides Limerick, other enemies will pursue you as you explore, ranging from strange, octopus-looking floating creatures to giant spiders. You will need your guns and Quill to keep them at bay. Psythermic Energy, which replenishes with little blue vials found throughout, is the energy you shoot from the Quill. Over time, you will unlock new abilities, such as deflecting enemy attacks. Guns are also an option. You can carry three guns, each a different type, which you upgrade at a Workbench. Like most things in this game, it will cost you resources to do so.

One of the enemies staring me down and preparing to attack. The area is very dark and I'm using the metal contraption on the right to help illuminate the space.
This guy scared the crap out of me.

However, none of these things kill Limerick and only serve to slow him down long enough for you to escape momentarily. To avoid enemies and Limerick, you can run to the Panic Room. The Panic Room is a haven for the player but isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card. Outside the room is a button you must spam to recharge the room’s battery, or the door won’t shut. Once charged, you step inside and push a red button to close the doors. While inside, it replenishes your health, essence and Psythermic Energy. Boss fights are present, but fortunately, you get ‘Adrenaline Mode’, which gives you unlimited Psythermic Energy during the encounter until you defeat the boss.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics for Limerick: Cadence Mansion are good overall. The environments are unique, and you will visit many areas, from laboratories to mansions and underground caverns. The lighting feels bright enough when needed and dim at times to immerse you without making you squint and struggle to see. Many horror games have a habit of making it too dark to the point of it being a hindrance. In the same respect, the flashlight in this game is bright enough to be practical, unlike some horror games.

This is one of the areas I found quite pretty. It's based in a cave and has floating white glows. several tables are scattered around which are used for puzzles.
Love the look of this area.

The sound effects and overall audio were good. I particularly enjoy Limerick’s voice and how he spoke in Limericks, which is a nice touch. Limerick’s laugh was appropriately maniacal and psychotic. Audio cues were helpful, especially when an enemy spots you, then a different one for when an enemy makes chase. The music did a great job of setting the mood for suspense during puzzles and chase scenes.

Final Thoughts

I find the puzzles in tandem fun and tedious. For example, when entering Limerick Encounters, having the player do the three puzzles three times each (nine times total!) was annoying and boring after some time. I enjoy some of the stories found in notes to learn about the overarching story and find out the fates of some of their authors, but I feel that there are too many notes, sometimes too many close together. The controls were quick and easy to learn, and the environments were fun to navigate. The sprinting bar replenishes at a rate that you don’t easily outrun the monsters but doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage. Limerick: Cadence Mansion is a solid puzzle game and an engaging, smooth experience. I highly recommend this game for lore lovers and puzzle fanatics.

I award Limerick: Cadence Mansion the Thumb Culture Gold Award. If you enjoyed this review, check out Mike’s PC review of Resident Evil 4 (2023 Remake) Separate Ways DLC.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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