Dungeons of Eternity – Meta Quest 2 Review

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I checked out Dungeons of Eternity on Quest 2! Will this game be the new must-buy on Quest? Or will it be sent to the dungeons?

Eternally Throwing Weapons

Dungeons of Eternity was devolved by first time developer Othergate. Brought to meta-quest on the 5th of October 2023 releasing on quest 2 with future quest 3 enhancements incoming.


Dungeons of Eternity is a combat-focused dungeon crawler where your main goal is to explore dungeons, defeat enemies and save your planet.

Weapons and Combat

Melee combat feels pretty good with some great handling weapons most of which can double up for throwing weapons! Hitboxes are slightly iffy on the sword and dagger. I found sticking to axes and hammers to be much more efficient.

2 rare mallets next to a dagger and hammer
Hammers and dagger

Bows and crossbows both feel adequate enough. However, I would often opt to rather throw my weapons than use bows and crossbows due to them dealing more damage and having less of a chance to be blocked.

A rare blue crossbow and a bow sitting on a table
Bow and crossbow

Staves in Dungeons of Eternity are quite powerful, ranging from freezing enemies to using gravity to slam them against walls. To use these powerful weapons you need power crystals in order to power them. These are pretty rare making the staff a last resort more than anything

Maps and Locations

Locations are bland and uninteresting with many areas looking almost identical.

There is little enemy variety that often doesn’t fit the theme of the levels with them mainly being skeletons and zombies. Almost every map has its own minion or small type of enemy. There are spiders in the underworld and Lava forge, scorpions in the sandstorm, and slimes in the vile-halls. It was quite disappointing in the fact they reused a small enemy for 2 zones as I feel they could have made a unique enemy for the lava-themed zone. Perhaps a small dragon or lizard of some kind as there are dragons flying above your head in some maps.

A large open area of the underworld dungeon

All areas will have unique elites in them, Ranging from a giant scorpion that can one hit kill you with its tail. To a large floating ball of eyes and teeth that can kill you in one hit. Balancing with elites is quite a glaring issue as it’s just not fun when an enemy one hits you. Thankfully as long as teammates are alive you will just respawn within seconds, making the issue a lot less impactful. In solo play, it seems you’ll respawn from one hit kills no matter what.


Loot is not shared as each player will have separate loot inside chests. All gold will in be given to players at the end of the match. EXP is earned through how well each player does as somebody with higher kills will always receive bonuses in EXP. This makes you feel rewarded for doing well in Co-op play.

A image of the endgame rewards and stats for successfully completing a mission
Rewards screen

Inviting your friends has an unintuitive system with you needing to party up before going into the game. There is no way to invite people into the game or at least I or the people I played with couldn’t find a way.

Story and lore

Dungeons of Eternity makes an attempt at having a story. However, outside of the intro, It seems to never be brought up again. Taking a major backseat for the rest of the game. The barebones story that is here is only here to serve as a way to get you into the gameplay.

Graphics and Audio

Nothing in Dungeons of Eternity was all that impressive visually. Things looked blocky and pixelated but the game made up for it this by having a large amount of Enemy’s on-screen at a time so mediocre graphics felt more of a limit of the quest 2.

Audio in Dungeons of Eternity is quite satisfying with noises like the bone crunches of skeletons upon successful attacks. And the sound of the key turning and chest opening. Audio mixing is quite poor with music often being too loud to hear much else. thankfully, there is an option to lower or mute the music entirely.

Bugs and Glitches

I only really encountered one major glitch in Dungeons of Eternity where the game wouldn’t allow me to pick up items that other teammates could, sometimes none of us could pick it up at all making the item drop non-existent.


I’d say Dungeons of Eternity will last players quite a while as the combat is enjoyable enough to do many dungeon runs over and over again. Getting more cosmetics and better weapons feels super fun and rewarding! For future updates, I’d like to see more map variety as the maps feel very similar at the moment and I’ve encountered the same dungeons quite a lot already after my 10 hours of play.

For the user who often gets motion sick, Dungeons of Eternity offers a lot of options for those players, like the vignette option.

Final thoughts

All in all, I’d say I’m pretty fond of Dungeons of Eternity and I see myself attempting to 100% it and grab all the cosmetics as it is quite fun in Co-op, even with random players in public lobbies.

For all these factors, I’ll be awarding this surprisingly good dungeon crawler the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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