Let’s Sing 2021 Review – Does It Hit The High Notes?

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Indoor entertainment has never been more popular than in 2020. Especially if you live in a household with several people where maybe morale is running low. Fortunately for us, Voxler have coupled with Koch Media to bring us this superstar simulation.

Let’s Sing in…Let’s Sing 2021

A music simulator is a fairly straight-forward genre, you sing, a microphone picks up your voice and then a bar shows you what pitch you’re singing at and what you actually need to be hitting. A score keeps track of your accuracy and how well you’ve stuck to that pitch. So does Let’s Sing 2021 hit the high notes? Let’s find out!


As most karaoke games do, Let’s Sing 2021 has several different game modes. The most notable being Classic in which you choose a song and sing to try for a diamond record. There is also a mixtape mode which involves mashing together several songs to achieve a truly unique playlist.

There is also a returning party mode called Let’s Party, which puts up to two teams in random game modes to keep you in your toes.

Let’s Sing 2021 has kept the focus on accessibility by allowed users to download a completely free app on their smartphones to use as a controller in place of USB microphones.

I personally used the app, as my Xbox headset is looking a bit worse for wear so this was a welcome addition. I found this to have very little latency. Whatever I was singing was almost instantly being recognised by the game, given my gaming room is in a semi-dead area for signal this impressed me greatly.

Graphics and Audio

Let’s Sing 2021 has kept its minimalistic but smooth menu approach. Simple but eye-catching, there are no extra steps to choose any game mode. The music videos that play behind the lyrics sadly are not as smooth.

What looks like a 480p video playing when everything else is so sleek does kill the aesthetic for me personally. All the avatars I unlocked (up to level 20) look like they belong in the game. They’re not overly detailed and not going to win any awards but they look as though they belong and fit the aesthetic Let’s Sing 2021 goes for.


Any karaoke game, will live and die based on the music in its library. Let’s Sing 2021 certainly has a wide range of choices, classics such as Seal, Linkin Park or Lion King all the way through to recent hits like Lizzo, Maroon 5 and Billie Eilish.

Let’s Sing 2021 as standard includes 30 songs, a number which I would have liked to have seen higher especially given the amount of DLC there is on offer. Another few songs I feel from the 80s/90s era would have made this game an absolute powerhouse, but then this could also be my age showing! There is definitely something for every genre lover to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Let’s Sing 2021 has always been good at standing out amongst singing games, the extra mechanics and game modes keep this game as king of the niche karaoke genre.

In summary, the game is amazingly intuitive and helpful. My only issue the small starting library, this is easily remedied with DLC but a few songs to start leave me to give Let’s Sing 2021 the Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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  1. Way too much microphone delay on the PS5 which make gameplay absolutely terrible. SONY will not refund !!!!

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