Just Announced: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

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News just in! There’s just been an announcement about Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. This is a new game incoming from Munich based developers Aesir Interactive (Restless Echo, Windstorm The Game) and sim specialist publishers astragon Entertainment (Bus Simulator, Firefighter Simulator: The Squad).

Via a press release, astragon sent out news that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is set to come to Steam Early Access during Spring 2021. It is built on the Unreal 4 engine, so has the potential to look stunning. In the provided screenshots it certainly looks like it’s off to a good start, as in the below image.

Just cruising in the patrol car.
Just cruising in the patrol car.

I do like the sound of the following for Police Simulator:

“You can take up your badge as a male or female US police officer and go on patrol in the streets of a fictitious North American metropolis. Handcuffs and radar gun on hand, you will tackle many interesting shifts in the first district
and five neighborhoods of a bustling American city – with more to come in future updates.”

And you can see the radar gun in the below screenshot:

Can we issue a "going too slow" ticket?
Can we issue a “going too slow” ticket?

I for one will be keeping an eye out on this. Keep an eye on the site for more information about Police Simulator in the next few months! – Let me know in the comments what you think of this announcement, is it your kind of doughnut? or just more paperwork?

Check out the game trailer below.

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