New Jedi Survivor Update

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A new Star Wars Jedi Survivor update has been released via a patch for the game on all platforms.

Jedi Survivor Update – This Is The Patch You’ve Been Looking For

Some 5 months after its release, a big update for Star Wars Jedi Survivor arrives today. The main issues this latest patch – Update 7 is trying to tackle are performance-related.

The performance mode on consoles has been reworked to give a much sought-after solid 60fps experience to players. This has been achieved through a number of GPU and CPU optimisations, along with disabling ray tracing. While the performance mode gets the biggest upgrade quality mode has also had some improvements made to optimisation for a more stable frame rate.

Looking through the patch notes PS5 players with a screen that supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) will be happy as the game now supports the software enhancement for a more consistent experience.

Other fixes are to minor bugs/crashes and also to address some save file corruption players had experienced.

Cutscenes unchanged

While gameplay sees bumps in frame rates what won’t change is the cutscenes on consoles. This is because the cutscenes on these platforms are locked to 30fps so the aforementioned gains in performance mode won’t have any effect here.

Roll on the tech deep dive analysis videos of this update from NX Gamer and Digital Foundry.

Now is probably the best time to be considering jumping into this game if you haven’t already done so. There are some good deals on physical copies currently to be found so happy hunting frugal gamers.

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