Introducing the ROCCAT Titan Switch – Tactile and Fast!

Hamburg, 31st May 2018ROCCAT presents the Titan Switch Tactile, the first mechanical switch designed in-house in cooperation with TTC, a leading manufacturer in its field. The Titan Switch Tactile is the perfect synthesis of competitive speed, first-class typing feel and striking aesthetics.



ROCCAT’s challenge was to make a more responsive and swift switch. The first step was to reduce the actuation point from 2 to 1.8 mm, keeping in focus the quality feel of the key stroke. In addition, the switch bouncing time was reduced by 20%, this was achieved by optimizing the ROCCAT firmware working in conjunction with high-quality components, therefore securing the stability of the switch.



The crisp, tactile pressure point paired with solid precision and high reaction speed ensures an excellent typing feel. To top it all off, design also played a decisive role in the development of the Titan Switch Tactile, a world premiere in this area. The transparent housing in combination with reduced, ultra-light key caps not only allow insights into the mechanics of the switch, but also becomes the perfect companion for the ROCCAT AIMO lighting system.



Each switch contains a long-life multicolor LED for impressive lighting scenarios in a range of 16.8 million colors. The result is a powerfully balanced switch – precise, responsive, and comfortable.

Which ROCCAT product will be the first to feature the Titan Switch Tactile? Stay tuned – on June 5th at Computex, Taiwan, ROCCAT will unveil a brand-new design story!



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