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Inscryption, Developed by Daniel Mullins Games, Published by Devolver Digital. Inscryption is available on PC via Steam and GOG as well as on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S

The game is very fun and has a hidden ARG (Alternate reality game) inside of it made by its creator Daniel Mullins.

Inscryption It’s more than just a card game

A man in a mask looking at the player with orange swirling eyes in a dark blue room with an eerie feeling to it.
OOOH dems fighting words!

I found the game to be a lot of fun and had a lot of fun playing it. Let us know in the comments below which of the four scribes was your favorite if you played it as well!


The gameplay is very simple at first and very easy to learn. There are three modes strangely. One is a new game where you start the story from the actual beginning. One is a continue where you continue a strange game left in the middle and one is Kaycee’s mod which is a kind of special endless run of the game. The game has multiple parts as you play through it. The cards are very simple to use. You have in the beginning 2 kinds of card costs. First it is cards that cost blood. Cards that you can only use by sacrificing an other or multiple other cards. The other type are cards that cost bones. That you get from your cards that have died.  Inscryption Has a very fun way of explaining the game and giving the player a better understanding of the mechanics. Besides the card game there are also countless puzzles and hidden elements in the world around you. As you play on you will discover more and more of the dark and sinister secrets of this game and it’s reason for existing.


The story of Inscryption is as follows. You play as a YouTuber who has bought a game called Inscryption and you begin to play this game on your computer.

The game in my personal opinion is a masterpiece. It runs great, the graphics are simple yet creative and the story is stunning and mind-boggling. The story has a lot of twists and turns with an ending that can be quite shocking but the game never really ends…

Graphics & Audio

I played this game on full screen in 1080 x 1920 and it always looked great. Due to the simple graphics of the game even on the highest settings with my old GTX 1050, the game ran amazingly well with no frame rate issues or any lag problems. The game runs great and does a great job of hiding things in plain sight. It’s fast and easy to learn but hard to master. I want to encourage everyone to play the game and try it for themselves.

The game has beautiful game audio and music. It will completely entrance you into the world of Inscryption!

The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and very immersive.


The game is great and has a lot of replay value. I have played over 37 hours of it so far and I could just go and play it over and over again! It is worth every penny and if you are worries about the price since it is on Steam just wait till it is on sale and pick it up then.

A dark room with a pair of hands reaching out towards the screen from the darkness

Final Thoughts

The game is fun and is worth every penny. Great story, amazing execution and a fantastic story! The game made me question the decisions I have made in the game and how I played it as I have gotten to the end of it. The game left me wanting more answers and more stories. I loved every part of it and I still come back to play it after not having played it for a year or so.

Inscryption receives the Thumb Culture Platinum Award

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