3 MUST PLAY Steam Next Fest Demos – February 2024

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There were endless game demos in the Steam Next Fest all vying for your attention. After hours of scrolling, and even more hours playing, I’ve found three demos I think everyone, regardless of what games you usually play, should check out. Don’t forget to wishlist the games you like. It really helps the developers get eyes on their game! Finally, don’t forget to share your favourite Next Fest demos in the comments.

Analysis Paralysis – AWAY!

These three demos featured in February 2024’s Steam Next Fest, are games that I believe transcend genre.


Hauntii is the one demo this Next Fest that I suggest to everyone. Developed by Moon Loop LLC and published by Firestoke Games; it is a thoughtful, exploration game with puzzle elements. The game will be launching on Xbox game pass upon release. The art style is hauntingly beautiful, and I was immediately intrigued by the world, as well as the story. It really is something that is best experienced first hand.

Crypt Custodian

Crypt Custodian is developed and published by Kyle Thompson (music by his brother, Eric). He has previously released two metroidvania titles that are well regarded. This game deviates from the genre because instead of a side-scrolling experience, you play it from a top down point of view. The game features an adorable cat named Pluto, who unfortunately finds themselves in the afterlife.

The gameplay is fun, and I think inviting enough for players who are new to the genre. Attacks are well telegraphed, and the controls feel responsive. Additionally the story being told is very intriguing, and immediately had me engaged.

Normal Fishing

Normal Fishing is definitely a very ordinary, definitely nothing weird going on, no strange happenings fishing experience! Join Scott as he settles into his new life as a fisherman! Enjoy a new fishing minigame experience, and a definitely totally normal not at all haunting or creepy narrative at the same time!

Again, let us know what your favourite Next Fest demos are in the comments.

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