ININ Games Announces Cotton Fantasy

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Fans of the Cotton Series will be pleased to see that ININ Games in partnership with SUCCESS have announced Cotton Fantasy (In Japan this will release as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll). The title will be available on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Cotton Fantasy – The Latest Addition To The Cotton Series

Meanwhile, For any collectors amongst our readers, there will be a Limited Edition with 3000 Switch and 1500 Playstation 4 copies available. There is also a Collectors edition available, however, this will be even more limited at 2000 copies on the Switch and 1000 copies on the Playstation 4. However, If either of these interests then pre-orders are launching on Saturday 13th of November – 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 6 PM CET over on the Strictly Limited Games site.


A Modern Cotton Title

In this new title Cotton and Silk go on another adventure – However this time we see them in high definition. Adding new mechanics to the iconic playstyle fans are in for a treat in this modern-day rendition. With 6 recognisable characters and over 15 stages, you will see horizontal and vertical movement as well as 3D. The game is fully voiced in Japanese and has a remastered soundtrack with tracks from past Cotton releases. Above all, This is a real nostalgia hit for any Cotton fans.

Will you be picking up Cotton Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below. However, In the meantime check out the below trailer for the Limited and Collectors editions of this title.

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