Indie Title Plot of the Druid Has Reached 129% funded on Kickstarter

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What a triumph for indie gaming on Kickstarter. Another indie title, Plot Of The Druid is currently at $32k on Kickstarter. This is a massive 129% funded so far with an estimated delivery date of February 2023 for any backers of this campaign.

Plot Of The Druid

Plot Of The Druid is a fantasy point and click based title, whereby you control a disgraced former druid apprentice. He is on a quest to regain his honour by saving the world. Along his way he will have to harness his powers that previously got him into trouble to defeat what lurks ahead. Developer Yakir Israel have confirmed that this will be and 8 to 10 hour playtime title with English text. However with three stretched goals reached already it will also be translate into German and Hebrew.

The Kickstarter Campaign is still open to late backers, which can be done via the Campaign page which is still open. Not only that, there are still some stretch goals that could still potentially be released. These unlock new content for current backers along with some epic new content for anyone who backs now.

In Plot Of The Druid you can expect some good ol’ sarcastic British humour along with challenging puzzles that require you to think outside of the box. Along with the above, there will be plenty of Easter eggs to find and many outrageous characters to meet.

How many indie titles have you back so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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