Elyon Closed Beta 2 Registrations Now Open

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Yesterday Kakao announced that the closed beta testing part 2 for Elyon was opened up. Applications for this 2nd Elyon Closed Beta will run from the 26th July 2021 until August 11th 2021. The chosen participants will then be able to jump into gameplay from the 18th of August 2021 until the 23rd of August 2021. The full release for the highly anticipated Elyon is due later this year.

What will happen in this mystical world?

Pre-order of the MMORG Elyon also went live yesterday and due to this Kakao have stated “A substantially higher number of applicants will be accepted to participate in this second testing event, which will occur from August 18th to the 23rd. Those selected to join the Elyon CBT2 will be informed of their invitation via email”. So if you do sign up, keep a close eye on those emails.

For those who are reading about Elyon for the first time today, as mentioned earlier it is an MMORPG set on the mystical world of (you guessed it) Elyon. With technology and magic at hand, you will lead your created character into battle. Kakao has said that they are hoping to provide a unique yet rich experience for their gamers with this title.

We have also been informed that the Elyon CBT2 will offer more of a likeness to the Korean build. This means that players will see:

  • The addition of the Slayer Class
  • Class balance adjustments and updated Mana Awakening skills
  • Dungeons are now divided into solo and party dungeons
  • Easier leveling via increased XP for killing monsters at a certain power level
  • Events specifically for CBT2 participants
  • Improved game service platform and infrastructure for Western market players
  • Localization in English, French, Spanish and German

Not only that, but if you pre-order Elyon, you will get exclusive rewards, guaranteed access to the closed beta and a 24-hour head start on release. You will also have the choice to pre-order a larger package which will again give more rewards such as weapons and armour. Not only that but there is also a chance for a 72 hour head start if you are lucky.

So will you be jumping into this new MMORPG or waiting to see how it lands? Let us know in the comments below.

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